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Blade and Colo Cost Estimator:
Estimated Optional UC Backup/mo.: $5.00
For self-managed, customers should order their own backup node HERE

Selected Configuration:
1  RackU0  GB LUN1 Standard Storage
 0  GB LUN2 Standard Storage

Blade Service - 3 Year Hardware Rotation:Included
Blade Service - NIC Teaming:Included
Blade Service - Internal RAID1 Miror(~60GB):Included
Blade Service - Dual Fibre Channel SAN HBA:Included
Blade Service - Firewall Support:Included
Trusted SSL Certificates:Available
Platespin Physical to Phyical(P2P) Imports:Available
Guest Operating System Support:Available
DR Colocation in Southern California: Available
Database backends:Available
Easy UC COA Billing:Included
Sales Tax Free Charges:Included
UC Regents Data Jurisdiction:Included
Network Bandwidth:Unlimited!
Server Quality Network Infrastructure:Included
Per CPU cycle or Per Bit Network cloud costs:NO!
Advanced Firewall Support:Available
Network Load Balancing:Available
10Gb Network Uplink:Planned
IPv6 External Facing Support:Planned
Closed-circuit video cameras:Included
Conditioned Power:Included
Hardware Installation Assistance:Included
Remote Management Access(KVM):Included
Staffed Operations Desk:Included
Customer Administrative access:Included
24x7 VM Infrastructure Support and Monitoring:Included
Datacenter UPS and Diesel Power:Included
Datacenter Physical Security and Surveillance:Included
Datacenter Seismic Hardening:Included
Datacenter Environmental Cooling:Included
Datacenter Halon Fire Suppresion:Included
Cross-Trained Support Personnel:Included
Scalable SAN Fibre Channel Storage:Available
Premium Storage Tier(>2500 IOPs):Available
Offsite Backup:Available
Existing SAN Fibre Fabric:Included

Selected Colo Item(Rack Units or Blade Servers):

Additional RAM available as a one-time cost at Market rate. For customer equipment installs, additional one-time costs may apply for modifying existing power or racks to accommodate certain configurations. Customers needing attached storage for their own equipment will need to include HBA(s)(two FC ports minimum).

Selected Colo Item Qty:   Network Drops Qty:

Guest OS Management:

SAN Attached Disk Storage Tier(LUN1):

Storage Amount for LUN 1:
Sold in 35 GB increments

SAN Attached Disk Storage Tier(LUN2):

Storage Amount for LUN 2:

Sold in 35GB Increments

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Prices are subject to change, and specific requirements can change the pricing. This tool is designed to guide you to the best possible quote. Optional monthly backup charges can vary widely based on actual utilization, the amount of change, and the type of your data. Customizing your backup include and exclude rules as well as your retention policy can help reduce backup costs significantly.

If your I/O exceed the allowed IOPs for your storage tier, you will be notified to upgrade to the next level of storage or to optimize your application I/O. For customer equipment installs, additional one-time costs may apply for modifying existing power or racks to accomodate certain configurations. Customers needing attached storage for their own equipment will need to include HBA(s)(two FC ports minimum)-the blade service includes HBAs in the rate already.

Customers are strongly encouraged to use the shared VPS environment instead of dedicated equipment.

Contact Info:

Please generate a quote and forward to the following when you are ready to order or if you have additional questions:

Rack units for Colocated Servers:

If you need rack space for customer provided equipment, first contact the IST Data Center team: The IST Data center team can help you coordinate additional storage from the IST Storage team. For data center rackspace hosting, please complete the colo questionnaire.


If you need a self-managed blade(s) and possibly attached storage, please use Existing blade customers should use this address as well for storage requests.

If you need a IST managed blade with a Windows SLA, please use If you need a IST managed blade with a Unix SLA, please use


If you have general storage questions or a request for additional storage for Self-Managed blades or colo equipment with IST storage, contact the storage team directly, Storage for IST managed servers will be coordinated by the IST Unix or Windows team for you so direct requests through the IST Unix or Windows teams queues.
Estimator and Billing Help:

For questions about using this estimator, or how to coordinate multiple components, please contact

IST Services are often a combination of support from multiple internal IST units such as virtual, storage, database, and data center operations units. A web application for example might include a database package and a web hosting package, and blade rental might include the blade charge and attached SAN storage, all of which will appear as single or multiple line items on your billing statements depending on the service and selected options.

For assistance with billing please see Help with Project & Flex Fields for guidelines.

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